Top 3 Italian Restaurants in Italy — Not Your Momma’s Prego!

There are countless discrepancies between American Italian food and the cuisine served by traditional Italian families. If the opportunity presents itself to visit Italy, these 3 Italian eateries deserve a visit.


Babette’s – Rome, Italy


A feast for the eyes and the appetite, Babette’s restaurant features a chic yet unpretentious ambiance, as exposed brick interiors emblazoned with rustic vintage signs remarkably complement the experience of authentic cuisines. Delicious fare with a French twist, a brief but inclusive wine list, and a generous daily buffet culminates to make Babette’s a must do in “when in Rome.”


Antica Trattoria della Pesa – Milan, Italy


The literary-types that frequent Trattoria della Pesa are as authentically Italian as the traditional comfort food that is dished out. Osso bucco on polenta garnished with gremolata and cotoletta – magnifico! Put it all inside a landmark structure where Ho Chi Minh once stayed in the 1930s, and you’ve go instant nostalgia!


Antica Focacceria di San Francesco – Palermo, Italy


A city institution, Focacceria di San Francesco is the one of the most antiquated eating houses and was a favorite hangout of the notorious mob boss “Lucky” Luciano. Pig out on fixed-priced food and meals, enjoy specialty sandwiches, and soak in the echoes of Italy’s rich history.


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