Strozzapreti al Ragu di Salsicia; A Taste of Italy in Westlake Village

Italian food in California wouldn’t be the same without our signature pasta dish Strozzapreti al Ragu di Salsicia. We craft each dish fresh from our kitchen and the aromas of Italy delight your senses as the one of a kind dish is prepared in-house. At Bellini Osteria we take Italian food seriously and as a result our Strozzapreti al Ragu di Salsicia was born.

Strozzapreti al Ragu di Salsicia is a classic dish at heart.We start off with our authentic homemade pasta. Then upon creating our homemade pasta we add our sausage ragu in to the mix. The combination of our homemade pasta with sausage ragu is topped with our mouth-watering pink sauce. When it is all said and done the finished product is an amazing signature dish that will leave you feeling as though you just left Italy.   

Come have a taste of Italy with Bellini Osteria. We are located in Westlake Village and ensure we will satisfy your taste buds. For more on our signature dish contact Bellini Osteria today.

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