Our Menu is Inspired by the Cuisines of Sicily and Sardegna

At Bellini Osteria, we cook delicious Italian classics straight from the heart of Sicily and Sardegna. We love the robust flavors and fresh ingredients found in a Sicilian kitchen—the finest flavors in the world. Why do we focus on these two regional cuisines?

Sicilian cuisine benefits from its unique geography at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The early Greeks brought olives and almonds to Sicily, followed by North African Arabs bringing pasta and sweetened ice, from which gelato was born.

Later, when Sicily was under Spanish rule, the Spaniards introduced sweet and hot peppers, chocolate, chilies—and the tomato, queen of the Italian kitchen. The ingredients and techniques that evolved in Sicily over the ages resulted in a glorious style of cooking unique to the region: Think eggplant parmigiano bursting with Parma’s namesake cheese.

From the island of Sardegna, we get our passion for fish and seafood delicacies like calamari and tuna caponata. Hearty pastas like ravioli and gnocchi originated in the region, and the islanders are famous for their ricotta and pecorino Romano cheeses.  

Come to Bellini Osteria in Westlake Village for an authentic Sicilian meal and see why we love these regional cuisines.

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