Experience the Taste of Different Pastas

While the sauce primarily influences the taste of different pastas, the many shapes and surface area also can change the taste, at least slightly. For example, some gourmet observers believe that "die extruded" pasta, with its rough surface, holds more sauce, changing the taste versus using the same sauce on a "smooth" pasta.

Others contend that it’s your visual concept or the appearance that changes the taste per your palate. Simply stated, your perception is "food that looks good also tastes good."

Still others believe that pastas’ shapes influence the taste. For example, curly shapes may suggest light food, such as the curly pasta often used in pasta salads. The creator hopes to imply that the dish won’t fill you up and is great fun to eat.

Visiting Bellini Osteria (Westlake Village) will also show you the taste difference in freshly made pasta versus the common boxed pasta you buy in the supermarket. If you have a sensitive palate, you’ll notice a definite difference in fresh ravioli or tortolini from the boxed variety, regardless of the stuffing.

Make a reservation at Bellini Osteria to compare the difference in homemade fresh ravioli from the kind you typically find elsewhere. While both may be good (depending on the filling and sauce), you’ll notice a definite different taste and consistency in freshly made pasta versus the traditional variety. You–and your taste buds–will be thrilled you came.

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