Bellini Osteria Offers Tolosa Grenache as Wine of The Month

Bellini Osteria offers Tolosa Grenache Rose as the Wine of the Month. Producers created this delightful beverage from clusters of freshly-picked Grenache grapes.

People love the vibrant pink color of this tasty dinner drink. It’s fermented it in such a way that it emits a pleasant scent resembling a mixture of melon, peach, tropical fruit and berries. The crop used to make it are aged for just the right duration to create a substance while keeping tannin levels just right.

Its flavor works well with many of our authentic Italian dishes and pleases some of the choosiest wine connoisseurs. However, having a glass or two in a relaxed, modern atmosphere makes tasting it even more enjoyable. We have one of the finest home-style menus in California, and we welcome you to book your reservations today.

If you’re family wants to find a great place to dine this holiday season, please contact Bellini Osteria today. It’s not too late to book your Westlake Village, California holiday party here.

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