Bellini Osteria–An Authenic Italian Dining Experience

If you were traveling through Italy, you would probably run across many osterias. However, to Americans the word "osteria" is just a strange foreign term. So, what is an osteria?

An osteria is a small Italian restaurant where food and wine are served. Osterias are sort of like Italy’s version of a coffee shop. For Italians, the local osteria is the place to meet with your friends, hang out, chat, and play cards. The food is a little more fancy than what Americans would expect from their coffee shops, and wine is the beverage of choice. However, the atmosphere is just as warm, inviting and friendly as that of neighborhood coffee shops in the U.S.

Italian osterias usually have just a few choices on the menu, but the choices are likely to feature fresh, high-quality, local food items. They are the perfect place to meet business associates for lunch or for a quick bite after work. Some osterias offer music and entertainment.

You don’t have to go to Italy to experience an Italian osteria. Westlake Village, California has its own authentic Italian osteria called Bellini Osteria Bar and Lounge. For reservations at Bellini Osteria, contact us today.

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