Bellini Gives Back to the Community

Bellini Osteria believes in giving back to Westlake Village.  Bellini is known for wonderful and authentic Italian cuisine, and also for their tremendous work with important charity events that support the community of Westlake and beyond.


Bellini Osteria has hosted fundraising benefits to support local causes such as raising money for autistic children; (ACT) Autism Care and Treatment, and has raised money for the families of wounded soldiers; the (WWP) Wounded Warrior Project.


Bellini Osteria is a successful and popular restaurant that gives back to the community of Westlake Village with charity events, gift cards, and heartfelt involvement in helping people.


Mr. Spina enjoys contributing Bellini Osteria for the purpose of housing fundraising events, and the staff is on board, too.  Servers and bartenders have been known to donate their tips for the day and night to support worthy causes. With generous groups, spectacular food, raffle prizes, and lively music, Bellini is the perfect place to host a charity benefit.


Become a bigger part of Westlake by visiting Bellini Osteria  and enjoy an Italian lunch or dinner.  Also, be sure to join efforts in upcoming charity events with local supporters and businesses. Bellini offers the taste of Italy and a helping hand.


Bellini Osteria Bar & Lounge

951 S. Westlake Blvd. #102

Westlake Village, CA  91361

(805) 497-8482


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